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The Nonproliferation Regime

The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons or Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) represents three basic bargains. The first is encapsulated in Articles One and Two of the treaty. They prohibit states with nuclear weapons from transferring them or the means to make them to states that lack nuclear weapons, and ban nonweapons states from acquiring them. The second NPT bargain is set forth in Articles Three, Four, and Six. These articles stipulate that the nuclear weapons states will negotiate in good faith to disarm and will share the benefits of peaceful nuclear energy with nonweapons states. In exchange, the nonweapons states pledge not to acquire nuclear weapons and to allow international inspections of their civilian nuclear facilities and materials to verify whether non-nuclear weapons states are in compliance with the treaty and are not diverting peaceful nuclear activities or materials to make nuclear weapons.

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Apr 16, 2015 The Iran Nuclear Negotiations: Critical Issues
NPEC's executive director and senior researcher join a panel at the Heritage Foundation to examine some of the key issues involved in the Iran negotiations.
Audio & Video
Mar 26, 2015 America's Nuclear Deal with China: A Congressional Brief
On March 26, 2015 NPEC's executive director presented a brief on proliferation concerns regarding the nuclear cooperative (123) agreement with China to senior staffers from embassies, the Hill, and the Executive branch at NPEC's dinner seminar "America's Nuclear Deal with China: A Congressional Brief."  
Mar 02, 2015 Greg Jones Questions Iranian Compliance with the Current Interim Nuclear Deal
On March 2, 2015, National Review Online posted NPEC senior researcher Greg Jones' article "In Iran, Distrust and Verify."
Jan 23, 2015 NPEC's Senate Foreign Relations Staff Brief
On January 23, 2015, NPEC's executive director Henry Sokolski presented a brief on U.S. Nuclear Cooperation and Nonproliferation in 2015 to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC) staff. 
Nov 19, 2014 Iran Nuclear Talks: Problems and Prospects
NPEC's executive director joins a panel at the Heritage Foundation to discuss issues related to Iran's nuclear program.
Audio & Video
Oct 22, 2014 Is the IAEA's Safeguard Strategic Plan Sufficient?
Paper presented by Henry Sokolski at the "Potential Verification Roles" panel at the International Safeguards Symposium: Linking Strategy, Implementation and People hosted by the IAEA on October 22, 2014, in Vienna, Austria. For more information about the symposium, click here.
Working Papers; Presentations
Sep 28, 2014 Greg Jones: Ensuring the Iran Negotiations Do Not Promote the Spread of Nuclear Weapons
NPEC Senior Researcher Greg Jones argues the P5+1 should toughen its stance and demand that Iran give up all centrifuge enrichment, dismantle the Arak reactor, give up its heavy water stocks, and dismantle its heavy water production facility.  He argues that allowing Iran to retain its nuclear capabilities can inflict enduring damage on broader U.S. nonproliferation efforts by legitimizing centrifuge enrichment or heavy water plutonium production reactors for other countries as well, making it easy for them to produce nuclear material for weapons whenver they desire them.
Working Papers
Sep 10, 2014 September 10, 2014: Stimson Center Hosts NPEC Panel Discussion on Moving Beyond Pretense: Nuclear Power and Nuclear Proliferation
On September 10, 2014, Matthew Kroenig of Georgetown University and Patrick Roberts of Virginia Tech joined NPEC's executive director and Brian Finlay of the Stimson Center's Managing Across Boundaries Initiative to discuss their chapters from NPEC's latest volume. The event marked the release of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center’s latest research publication, Moving Beyond Pretense:  Nuclear Power and Nuclear Proliferation.  
Audio & Video
Jul 10, 2014 NPEC's Executive Director Gives Testimony at House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing "The Future of International Civilian Nuclear Cooperation."
Testimony of NPEC's executive director as presented to the House Foreign Affairs Committee's hearing on July 10, 2014, "The Future of International Civilian Nuclear Cooperation." His full written testimony is also available. See the House Foreign Affairs Committees website for additional witness testimony and a video of the hearing.  
Audio & Video; Testimony & Transcripts
May 08, 2014 IWP Event - Nuclear Weapons Materials Gone Missing: What Does History Teach?
On May 8, 2014, the Institute of World Politics hosted a book release event for the NPEC edited book Nuclear Materials Gone Missing: What Does History Teach? During this panel discussion, NPEC's executive director Henry Sokolski was joined by 3 of the book's contributers and commentary by two nuclear policy experts.
Audio & Video
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