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Official Docs & Letters
Mar 19, 2014 NPEC's Executive Director Signs Letters to House and Senate Urging Support for Nonproliferation Gold Standard
A bipartisan group of nuclear and security policy experts urge the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations to support stricter Congressional oversight of U.S. nuclear cooperation agreements, including H.R. 3766, the nonproliferation Gold Standard. Full text of letters and PDF versions accessible below. 
Apr 17, 2013 NPEC Executive Director Signs Letter Urging Suspension of Plutonium Shipments to Japan
NPEC signed a letter urging Secretary Kerry to suspend plutonium shipments to Japan because they undermine on-going non-proliferation efforts in East Asia and because there is no demand for plutonium fuel in Japan and no possibility to use it right now. The letter states that Japan is acquiring and stockpiling weapons-usable plutonium and U.S. support for plutonium shipments may undermine U.S. - ROK negotiations and may cause the DPRK to backtrack on their promise and seek reprocessing and enrichment as well.  
Dec 05, 2012 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Memorandum: Simple, Quick Processing Plant
Inter-Laboratory Correspondence August 30, 1977
Sep 20, 2012 Gold Standard Letter to the President
NPEC signed a letter with other notables to President Obama expressing concern that the U.S. will not pursue the "Gold Standard" in negotiations for civil nuclear cooperation agreements with Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Jordan, Vietnam, and other non-nuclear-weapon states. The letter urges President Obama to require the "Gold Standard" in all future nuclear cooperation agreements with states that lack nuclear weapons.
Jun 05, 2012 NPEC's Executive Director Signs United States Uranium Enrichment Corporation (USEC) Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill Amendments Letter
NPEC signed a letter along with the NRDC and other organizations, urging Congress to support Reps Burgess' (R) and Markey's (D) amendment to eliminate the $100 million in the 2013 Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act that is intended for the USEC (U.S. Uranium Enrichment Corporation) in order to limit transfers of free uranium to this troubled company.  
May 15, 2012 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 - Report of the House Armed Services Committee on H.R. 4310
This selection on Adopting the Gold Standard for Section 123 Agreements from the Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation section of the HASC 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, reflects the committee's unanimous support for the adoption of the nuclear nonproliferation Gold Standard in future 123 Agreements.  The full report is available here.
Apr 20, 2012 House Committee on Foreign Affairs report on HR1280 - An Amendment to the Atomic Energy Act of 1954
This report describes the amendment to amend the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 to require congressional approval of agreements for peaceful nuclear co-operation with foreign countries, and for other purposes. First page of the narrative is below, for the complete report download the PDF.
Feb 24, 2012 Letter from Senator Lugar to Senator Kerry on the Gold Standard
Senator Lugar's letter to Senator Kerry requested a hearing on the Obama administration's policies regarding nuclear cooperation agreements with foreign countries. The letter expresses concern that President Obama's new case-by-case review approach abandons the "Gold Standard" which requires countries with nuclear cooperation agreements with the U.S. not to enrich or reprocess on their territory.
Feb 16, 2012 Ros-Lehtinen Letter to Secretary Tauscher on the Gold Standard
Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen's wrote a letter opposing the administration's new policy because it shuns the "Gold Standard" approach by retracting the need for all countries engaging in nuclear cooperation agreements with the U.S. to forgo acquiring enrichment and reprocessing (ENR) capabilities. Furthermore, she argues that this new policy will undermine the U.S.'s global nonproliferation efforts because when it comes to ENR, there is no sharp division between military and civilian programs.
Feb 14, 2012 NPEC's Executive Director Signs Letter to Urge Obama to Back Gold Standard
The Nonproliferation Policy Education Center and the Foreign Policy Initiative worked together on a letter to the President asking him to reconsider his decision to abandon the "Gold Standard" in favor of a case-by-case review. The Gold Standard requires non-nuclear weapons states to forgo uranium enrichment as well as spent-fuel reprocessing, and open themselves up to intrusive international inspections. NPEC and FPI argue that dropping the gold standard approach undermines global non-proliferation efforts and emboldens Iran because if the U.S. is willing to allow Vietnam and Jordan to make nuclear fuel, how will it convince Iran to refrain from doing this?
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