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Henry D. Sokolski, Executive Director (BIO)
Daniel Hollingsworth, Deputy Director (BIO)
Greg Jones, Senior Researcher (BIO)
Kate Harrison, Research Associate (BIO)
Bianca Zhang, Program Coordinator (BIO)
Victor Gilinsky, Program Advisor (BIO)

Peter Bradford – Adjunct professor, Vermont Law School, former member Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and chairman of the New York Public Service Commission and of Public Utilities Commission of Maine
Rolf Ekeus – International Commission on Missing Persons Commissioner, former UNSCOM Chairman, Swedish ambassador to the US, and chairman of SPIRI
Eldon Greenberg – Garvey Schubert Barer.*
John A. Lauder – Vice President for Intelligence, Threat Reduction, and Homeland Security Programs at Arete Associates, an advanced science and engineering company; former CIA Nonproliferation Center Director
Richard K. Lester – Director, Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Industrial Performance Center (IPC) and professor of nuclear science and engineering
Steve Lukasik – Former Director of the U.S. Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency and Chief Scientist of the Federal Communications Commission
Gordon Oehler – Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency's Nonproliferation Center
Robert L. Pfaltzgraff, Jr. – President of the Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis and Professor at the Tufts University Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
David Rapoport – Editor, Journal of Terrorism and Political Violence; Professor, University of California at Los Angeles
Randall Schriver – President and Chief Executive Officer of the Project 2049 Institute
Peter Tynan – Partner, Dalberg Global Development Advisors
Mark Wallace – Former US Ambassador to the United Nations, President of UANI*
The Nonproliferation Policy Education Center (NPEC), is a 501 (c)3 nonpartisan, nonprofit, educational organization
founded in 1994 to promote a better understanding of strategic weapons proliferation issues. NPEC educates policymakers, journalists,
and university professors about proliferation threats and possible new policies and measures to meet them.
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