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Where NPEC has been cited - 2014

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Dec 10, 2014 The Washington Free Beacon cites NPEC's executive director in "SecDef Nominee Says Iranian Nukes 'Most Significant Strategic Threat'"

Nov 27, 2014 NPEC book "Nuclear Weapons Security Crises: What Does History Teach?" cited by Eric Schlosser in "Why we must rid the world of nuclear weapons"

Nov 24, 2014 The Christian Science Monitor's Howard LaFranchi quotes NPEC executive director in "Iran nuclear talks extended, so Congress might turn up the heat"

Nov 21, 2014 NPEC Executive Director and Program Advisor cited in NRO article by Rep. Jim Bridenstine, "We Can't Trust the IAEA on Iran"

Oct 22, 2014 NPEC Executive Director quoted in Bloomberg article "Nuclear Secrecy Feeds Concerns of Rogues Getting Weapons"

Sep 30, 2014 The Washington Times cites NPEC's executive director in "Nuclear libabilitly laws strain U.S.-India energy policy"

Aug 19, 2014 Maggie Ybarra of the Washington Times quotes NPEC's executive director in "Palestinian rockets, Israeli airstrikes resume after negotiators walk out"

Jul 23, 2014 Global Security Newswire's Elaine Grossman quotes NPEC's executive director in "U.S. Senate Panel Backs Vietnam Nuclear Trade Pact, But Tightens Conditions"

Jul 14, 2014 Tim Farley of "The Morning Brief" on SiriusXM POTUS interviews NPEC's executive director

Jul 14, 2014 NPEC executive director's testimony at the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs quoted in the Chosun Ilbo article, "U.S. Expert Warns of Japan's Reprocessing Plant"

Jul 14, 2014 RT article cites NPEC executive director in "2,000 bombs a year? Japan's plan to reopen nuclear reprocessing plant stirs concern"

Jul 12, 2014 NPEC's executive director cited in Yonghap News article by Chang Jae-soon, "Reprocessing plant to give Japan enough plutonium for 2,000 bombs a year: US expert"

Jul 11, 2014 The Economic Times quotes NPEC's executive director's testimony at House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing in "No nuke deals in India unless liability issue is resolved: US expert"

Jul 10, 2014 NPEC executive director quoted in Global Security Newswire article by Elaine Grossman, "Royce: White House in 'Dramatic Retreat' from Security Norms in Nuclear Trade"

Jul 07, 2014 NPEC executive director quoted in Global Security Newswire article by Rachel Oswald, "Japan Signs Protocol on Heightened Nuclear Material Security Standards"

May 27, 2014 NPEC executive director cited by the Wall Street Journal in the aritcle "Iran's Nuclear Masters"

May 19, 2014 The Washington Post's Steven Mufson quotes NPEC executive director in "Chinese hackers targeted business partners as well as rivals, indictment alleges"

Apr 21, 2014 NPEC program adivsor interviewed in Global Security Newswire piece, "Former Officials Seek U.S. Disclosure on Alleged Israeli Nuclear Theft."

Apr 17, 2014 NPEC executive director quoted in Foreign Policy article, "Europe's Nuclear Option," by Keith Johnson

Apr 10, 2014 The Nuclear Threat Initative's Global Security Newswire quotes NPEC executive director in "Japan's Plutonium Plan Hits New, Local Obstacles"

Mar 25, 2014 The Christian Science Monitor quotes NPEC executive director in "At nuclear summit, Obama calls for global 'architecture' to secure materials," by Howard LaFranchi

Mar 18, 2014 NPEC Senior Researcher Greg Jones is referenced in Reuter's article, "Could Iran's Arak reactor be "de-fanged" to ease bomb fears?"

Mar 04, 2014 NPEC's executive director cited in the Wall Street Journal article "Ukraine Tensions Imperil U.S.-Russia Diplomatic Initiative," by Jay Solomon

Feb 04, 2014 The Wall Street Journal quotes NPEC executive director in "Dancing in the Nuclear Dark: How will we know when Iran sprints toward a bomb?"

Jan 28, 2014 The Washington Free Beacon quotes NPEC senior researcher's comments at the Implementation of the Iran Nuclear Deal HFAC hearing in "Lawmaker: Iran Deal Being Kept in 'Super Secret Location'

Jan 10, 2014 NPEC executive director interviewed for Arms Control Association article "U.S. Policy on Nuclear Pacts Detailed"

Jan 08, 2014 Foreign Policy quotes NPEC executive director and Victor Gilinsky, nuclear consultant, in "A Safer World, Filled with Nukes," by Keith Johnson

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